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Engagement Platform with Everyone in Mind

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A Proven Toolbox for Building Great Employee Experiences

For engagement to thrive, it must be nurtured by everyone working together. motivationWorks gives your entire organization the tools, services, and information it needs to succeed.

Step 1:

A confidential survey measuring the seven most important dimensions of the employee experience is painlessly completed in less than ten minutes from any device.

Step 2:

motivationWorks automatically customizes reports for every employee, manager, and organization.

Step 3:

Everyone receives an action plan builder with recommendations tailored to their score profile. All backed by 40 years of research into what builds a great work life.

Step 4:

Informative dashboards and integrated analysis tools allow your organization to see exactly what’s happening and where support is needed.

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Professional Services that Empower Your Success

Every motivationWorks client has premier access to the world’s leading experts on motivation and engagement, alongside a wealth of research, training, and consulting resources based on thousands of studies over the past four decades. No other solution comes close to our evidence-base, which is cited by over 100 new publications every single day.

Workshops and Training

motivationWorks offers training programs that apply Self-Determination Theory to improve employee engagement, performance management, learning & development, diversity & inclusion, and risk/compliance.

Custom Research

Our Insights Team integrates behavioral science expertise, evidence-based metrics, and advanced research tools to bring you the clear and actionable insights you need for your market research, product testing, or specialized project.


Our framework can be beneficially applied to a wide range of projects, including motivational design of products, crafting meaningful marketing and communications, and inspiring innovation in the development of your “next big thing.”

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Our Professional Services Empower Your Success


Our framework has been applied in 30 countries (and counting)

Our framework for motivation and engagement is used in organizations worldwide, including commercial, education, health care, entertainment, and even professional sports.


40,000 independent publications recommend our model every year

Self-Determination Theory is recognized by researchers and business leaders worldwide as the leading behavioral science framework for understanding engagement, motivation, and personal well-being.


Since we started, we've maintained 94% client retention

We don’t think there is a better measure of value than whether your clients stay engaged. We’re proud to have one of the highest client retention rates in the business.