Transform The Employee Experience.

From the founders of Self-Determination Theory comes motivationWorks: A culture-building platform that empowers everyone in your organization to thrive.

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Measure what matters

Get precision metrics on seven important dimensions of the employee experience, based on the world's leading motivational science.

Understand your data

Our platform tells a coherent story about your data you can understand, highlighting key drivers of the business outcomes you care most about.

Actionable insights for all

Customized recommendations give everyone in your organization - from employees to managers to executives -
a personalized plan proven to work.

Meaningful Engagement for Everyone

We created Self-Determination Theory: The world's best-tested framework for motivation and well-being. Now we've integrated it into a scalable platform that empowers everyone to learn, thrive, and work together to build awesome cultures.

A Holistic, Evidence-Based Framework

We infused motivationWorks with over forty years of global research into what creates
both thriving individuals and amazing organizations.

Value for everyone

Every participant receives targeted insights and recommendations that enable them to immediately participate in building an awesome work-life and culture.

Learn, act, grow.

Using your data, our platform empowers each person with custom training and practical recommendations so everyone can take action on what matters most to them.

Leading-edge technology

We've combined precise experiential metrics with robust statistical analysis, pulse surveys, and machine learning to provide the most advanced motivation platform available.

Unparalleled Insights. Easily Captured

In just 9 minutes, employees provide our platform with all the information it needs to develop an employee experience score profile with insights at every level of the organization

Customized Action Plans. Relevant to You

Every score is only a click away from clear definitions, support resources, and evidence-based recommendations, customized for effective action from your score profile

Actionable data with meaning

Every score is only a click away from a contextualized definition and evidence-based actions.

Inclusive Reporting and Feedback

Managers and Employees each receive an individualized report that "meets them where they are," supporting everyone's effort to build a better, more successful work life.

Leading companies using our science include...

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