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The first Personalized Employee Engagement Platform for employee growth and well-being - developed by the world's leading motivational scientists

Build higher retention, performance, and inclusion through personalized insights and actions

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Here's how Personalized Employee Engagement drives greater well-being and retention in just 4 steps


Understand exactly what’s needed for well-being and retention

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Each employee receives personalized insights and actions

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Senior leaders receive organizational insights

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Each manager receives insights and actions to support their team

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Step 1: Understand exactly what’s needed for well-being and retentionexperts

Measure the employee experiences that drive well-being and retention through short assessments based on the world’s leading motivational science: Self-Determination Theory.

Then give everyone immediate insight into what’s needed to maximize both individual and team growth.

The organization
Every team
Every individual

Step 2: Individual support is instantly crafted for each employee, with personalized insights and actions to growexperts

Every employee receives self-directed training customized to their needs

Each employee receives a dashboard with personalized focus areas
An individual report gives detailed insights and recommendations to create a meaningful action plan
The action-plan builder helps employees partner with managers and co-workers in their growth and success

Step 3: Senior leaders receive immediate insights on engagement and performance across the organization

Data tools enable senior leaders to see progress, identify areas of need, and support employee retention, performance, and engagement across the organization

Heatmaps highlight key trends, segmentation filtering, and identifying areas of need
Driver analysis identifies how specific employee experiences are driving key business outcomes and goals

Step 4: Managers learn about the key experiences on their team, and receive proven steps to support their people’s specific needsexperts

Every manager receives self-directed training customized to their team’s needs

The manager’s dashboard identifies the team’s top training focus areas
A detailed report provides deeper insights and  actions to support the team
The action-plan builder guides each manager to right steps to take to increase support and success
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4 Steps to Personalized Employee Engagement

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Our experience with motivationWorks has given us a fresh perspective on engagement and their expertise in motivation is unmatched. Their behavioral science-based model combined with a contemporary, robust on-line platform has helped us uncover new insights and then follow-through with practical action planning in a way that exceeds our past experiences with employee engagement measurement. We’re now making improvements where they’re needed most and we’re including everyone in the process. We especially appreciate the individual reports that each of our 8,000 healthcare employees who participated received. That has been a game-changer in making everyone feel heard, and empowering them to take action to grow. We are thrilled with this partnership.

Janine Luz
VP of Learning, Gundersen Health System

As a global talent acquisition firm, we’ve seen lots of approaches to employee engagement. We chose motivationWorks because it was the only solution rooted in the actual science of motivation. The platform brought us exactly the right measurements and insights we needed to identify where to make positive changes. As importantly, their reports gave us specific and effective recommendations on what we could do to improve. Using the insights from motivationWorks, we were able to improve retention of new employees by 58% in the very first year, cutting our churn rate by more than half. That was a remarkable success for us right out of the gate with this program.

Steven Talbot

motivationWorks outperforms all other employee engagement platforms. For 10 years, I partnered with Advisory Board, HealthStream, Press Ganey and Gallup, driving employee engagement and patient experience initiatives. I’ve found motivationWorks is in a different class with their prescriptive, robust and relevant improvement planning recommendations. This matters to busy leaders today, especially since motivationWorks’ resources close the gap in receiving insight and taking action. While executive leaders and managers receive detailed and comprehensive views of their organization results, the real ‘game changer’ is individual employees’ personalized motivational reports. These include evidence-based recommendations with a focus on dramatically improving employees’ work experiences.

Mary Cogan
Senior OD Consultant, Adventist HealthCare

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