The Three Pillars of Happiness at Work and Everywhere Else

Infographic: Discover the key to greater fulfillment

More than 50 years of behavioral science research has shown that when we fulfill three core psychological needs — autonomy, relatedness, and mastery — we’re empowered to thrive in everything we do. Fulfilling these three needs brings a deep and intrinsic satisfaction.

And the positive impact of supporting employees’ basic psychological needs is not simply an aspirational idea; science proves that this is the key to creating awesome, thriving, and engaged company cultures.

When you use a psychological framework to understand these three needs, to measure them in your organization, and to deploy evidence-based initiatives to support them, you can finally increase employee engagement and unlock a happier, more productive workforce.

Check out this infographic for the three core pillars to enhance performance, fulfillment, and well-being in work and in life.

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