Actionable Engagement Solutions (AES) are the pathway to more engagement and profitability

Very few organizations use an engagement solution that’s based on a validated behavioral science framework. There’s a crucial reason to change that today!

To understand and improve employee engagement, it’s incredibly important to collect data, but you need to collect the right data to effect meaningful change. While 88 percent of organizations measure employee engagement, only 30 percent of organizations are confident in their ability to use this data to actually improve employee experience.

Thankfully, there’s a clear solution. Organizations with Actionable Engagement Solutions (AES) built on scientific evidence are 4.6 times more likely than their competitors to feel confident in using engagement data to improve their employee experiences. In this research report, we walk through everything you need to understand about AES, and show you how they help organizations achieve outstanding results.

AES have a strong impact on the bottom line, too: Organizations using AES have seen a 27 percent profitability increase relative to those not using this approach.

Finally, start measuring the proven drivers of long-term employee engagement in a way that empowers you with clear actions to improve. The end results are deeper engagement, better performance, and an overall stronger workplace culture!

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